Producible products

Our basic specialization is the manufacture of various parties of high-precision details based on customer drawings. Our production potentialities cover all spectrum of the basic materials used in mechanical engineering. We are engaged in processing of a steel, cast-iron, aluminum, copper, nonferrous alloys, stainless steel, tool materials, and technical plastic. We are ready to offer our clients high manufacturing quality for reasonable price, order execution efficiency, expert consultations in metalworking questions.

In case if our equipment technical possibilities do not allow to fulfill your requirements, we are ready to place the order with our partners, not changing the stipulated terms and the prices.

In coordination with the customer, it is possible to perform finished part further processing (anodic oxidation treatment from aluminum, polishing, finishing, and hot galvanized coating application for steel products, including powder method, and other kinds of additional operations).

We can work with a material given by the customer, or to provide necessary raw materials for order fulfillment by ourselves.